Results Dutch Championships 10-11 September 2022

Another great weekend for the 2022 Dutch National Championship RS Aero 7 and Class Championship RS Aero 5. In total 29 RS Aero sailors joined from The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg to compete on the beautiful waters of Lake Grevelingen. The Saturday gave us great sailing weather where 5 races where held and again perfectly managed by the ZCK racing officer Sacha Ruijs and her professional team. The Sunday started with blue skies and, as forecasted, no wind. After midday it became clear that the wind was not returning in time and races were abandoned.

Again too hard to beat on the RS Aero 7, Shivam Ramdas prologued his championship for the fourth time in a row and became the 2022 National Champion in the RS Aero 7. Followed by Victor Deripainsel from Belgium and in third place Anouck Deripainsel from Belgium.

In the RS Aero 5 Class Championship the first place was rewarded to Joppe Pattyn from Belgium, second place Kobe Stroobandt from Belgium and third place to Jara Moorman from The Netherlands.

You can find more great photos here shot by Matthijs Zondervan.

RS AERO 7 National Championship

1Shivam RamdasNED84
2Victor DeripainselBEL342810
3Anouck DeripainselBEL297411
4Juliane BarthelGER327314
5Karlijn van den BoogaardNED234920
6Robert MoormanNED292024
7Ivan HerraezGER337125
8Arwin BosNED237328
9John DeckxBEL186134
10Mark ColeNED352737
11Tim FelberLUX228943
12Peter H.GER203847
13Doutse Daan van HeldenNED125651
14George BlackNED257651
15Christian LemmerGER203652
16Thomas BilleBEL398653
17Filip LuysterburgNED370258
18Vincent VioolNED330061
19Michel VandewalleBEL271171
20Afra van AkenNED381280
Results RS AERO 7 Bruinisse 10-11 Sept. 2022

RS Aero 5 Class Championship

1Joppe PattynBEL28649
2Kobe StroobandtBEL393210
3Jara MoormanNED112
4Emma VanhooffBEL283414
5Nana RauschGER307915
6Noa VioolNED216
7Thirza Viool-MieropNED295922
8Danielle GottgensNED372630
9Julius van SchagenNED389436
Results RS AERO 5 Bruinisse 10-11 Sept. 2022


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